Bellevue Special Olympics


Head of Delegation (HOD):

Frank Mack

As the Head of Delegation, Frank is responsible for the oversight of the entire Bellevue Special Olympics program. He ensures each sport is thoroughly organized, appropriately coached, and prepared for competitions. The HOD acts as the primary liaison between the local delegation and the state office.

Frank began volunteering with the Bellevue Special Olympics program in 2006 as a Unified Bowling partner. In 2007, he was certified as a Bowling Coach and also served as the Head Coach for the Papillion Special Olympics Softball team. In 2008, he furthered his sports certifications to Softball, Athletics, and Flag Football. In 2009, he was certified in Basketball and Aquatics, and later accepted his position as the HOD in September of that year.

Since then Frank attended the 2010 Summer National Games in Lincoln as the Head Coach for Team Nebraska Bowling. In 2011, he attended the Summer World Games in Athens, Greece as a Bowling Coach. In 2012, Frank accepted a position on the Board of Directors for Special Olympics Nebraska where he continues to serve 5000+ athletes, and 1500+ coaches across the state. In 2015, Frank attended the Summer World Games in Los Angeles, California as the Head Coach for Special Olympics USA Bowling.

Assistant Head of Delegation (AHOD) | Sports Manager:

Tom Gamble

As the Assistant Head of Delegation, Tom helps Frank with the oversight of the program to ensure organizationally everything is in order at all times. As the Sports Manager for the delegation, he ensures all coaches are certified in their respective sports, are prepared to provide a safe and quality training environment for our athletes, and acts as the primary liaison between the coaches and HOD.

Tom began volunteering with the Bellevue Special Olympics program in 2013 as a Unified Bowler, quickly integrated as a  certified Coach, and now invests his time helping to grow our athletes and program in every way possible. You'll find Tom at all our fundraising events, competitions, and practices.

Director of Administration:

Amy Amua-Seyki

As the lead administrator for the Bellevue Special Olympics program, Amy ensures new athletes and volunteers receive proper information about our program, complete required documentation and training, are apprised of practice times and locations, and are put in contact with the appropriate Coach for the sport(s) they wish to join. Amy is a direct liaison with the administration lead in the State office, ensuring our program remains in strict compliance throughout the year. She will also be the primary contributor to our Facebook page, keeping our followers up-to-date on events, practices, and competitions throughout the

Amy began volunteering with the Bellevue Special Olympics program in 2015 as our Swimming Admin and Coach.
Director of Finance:

Melanie Mack

As the Director of Finance, Melanie is responsible for ensuring our annual budget is submitted and tracked throughout the year, each sport receives their annual financial reports, all program travel arrangements are managed accordingly, and is the direct liaison with the Financial Director in the State office. She handles all financial transactions within the program and is the single point of contact for all donations raised in our delegation.

Melanie began volunteering in the Bellevue Special Olympics program as a Unified Bowler in 2009. In 2012, she launched the only Equestrian program in the Eastern portion of the state at the time, as the Head Coach for our delegation.
Director of Public Relations | Fundraising:

Open Position

This position is directly responsible for acquiring new sponsorships, organizing fundraising events, and advertising our program throughout the community. If interested in assisting in this position, please contact Frank...

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