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Current Sports:

Aquatics: is an individual or team sport. Athletes can choose from a variety of stroke events to compete in including: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly or individual medley. For those interested in a team effort, relays are offered in both the freestyle and medley format. Athletes of lower ability levels are able to compete in the walk, flotation race, assisted and unassisted swim. 

Athletics: offers events in the following categories: walking, running, wheelchair, throwing (softball, shotput, and javelin), standing and running long jump, high jump and pentathalon.

Basketball: provides competition at different levels including skills, 3-on-3 half court, or 5-on-5 full court (both traditional and unified). 

Bocce is a game that originated out of Italy. It is played on a long narrow court (12’x 60’). Each player starts with four balls. Players try to roll their ball as close to the object ball or otherwise called “pallina” (a white smaller ball) as possible. Competition is offered in singles, doubles and team competition, as well as unified doubles and team. 

Bowling: is offered in singles, ramp (assisted and unassisted), doubles or four-person teams, as well as unified.

Equestrian: offers stock seat equitation, and working trails during competition.

Golf: is an individual or team sport. Athletes can compete in the following categories: individual skills, individual stroke play (9-hole), unified doubles (9-hole, alternate shot), or unified doubles (18-hole, alternate shot).

Potential 2015 Sports:

Flag Football: athletes compete 5-on-5 and Unified formats, applying rules from Special Olympics North America Football Program.

Softball: consists of standard slow pitch (traditional and unified) competition.

Powerlifting: is an individual sport. At competitions, athletes compete in the following events: squat, benchpress, deadlift, combination benchpress and deadlift,or combination benchpress, deadlift, and squat.

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